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The Space Exploration Vehicle Gen II Rover is a modification of the Gen IA and Gen IB Lunar Rover Prototypes. My team's main task was to mock up the interior of the Gen II Rover so that the prototype could be tested by astronauts and HDC personnel.


Optimize the limited space available within the SEV Gen II rover by working with the existing architecture of the rover.

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Full Scale Prototype

The full-scale mock up was an important tool in helping the team decide on the shape and placement of the rover’s interior components in order to optimize the habitability and operability of the vehicle. We constructed and installed seats, storage compartments, and other necessary components of the rover’s interior. Mock ups were created out of wood and foam core.

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After installing all components, the prototype was tested by astronauts and HDC personnel. We then made appropriate changes to the interior based on feedback from the team.

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Eating / Working Surface

While outfitting the interior of the rover, our team was tasked to come up with concepts for an eating / working surface for the rover. Because of limited space inside the rover, I thought of ways to incorporate the eating / working surface into the existing architecture of the rover in order to maximize living space.

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Small Scale Models

In addition to the full scale mock up of the rover’s interior, we made three small scale models of the rover’s exterior. These models were to be used by the HDC team as a way to mock up designs for the rover’s nose frame and aft enclosure.

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We worked from a CAD model and orthographic drawings to create templates for our models. The cross sections of the rover were transferred to foam core to create three uniform fin models. We then wrapped each fin model in paper that was carefully cut to fit the rover’s curvature.

nasa specialized vehicles nasa specialized vehicles nasa specialized vehicles

All parts were made easy to disassemble and interchangeable in order for the team to easily construct different exterior design solutions.

nasa specialized vehicles nasa specialized vehicles

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