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Thanks for checking out my online portfolio. I designed and coded this website. All photography is original unless otherwise noted.

My Approach to Design

I create user-centered and holistically-considered design solutions that capitalize on a market opportunity and provide grounds for a viable business venture.

I believe that a good design is one that resonates with a person on an emotional level. Making someone excited about a product is my ultimate goal. In order to evoke this emotion, it is essential to have a user-centered design approach and have empathy while making design decisions. A design solution may work on paper — it may hit on every single need identified through research — but it will not succeed if it lacks this emotional connection.

My design process is rooted in research-based discovery and intuition-based decision making. I believe that strategic intuition plays an imperative role in a designer's ability to reach a solution that will best resonate with a consumer. Tapping into this informed intuition — what "feels" right in combination with research findings — brings deep insights and often unexpected design solutions to my stream of consciousness. It enables me to align my head with my heart in order to create design solutions that connect with a consumer on an emotional level.


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